Behaviour Therapy & Training for Dogs
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Welcome to Cainine Crusades “Our aim is to help dogs and their owners live a happier, more balanced life.”
Stephen Bailey has been in the field for 10 years, working alongside dogs and handlers to provide training and behavioural therapy in and around West Somerset. Highly regarded for his success stories, Steve has showcased his skills with his own dogs, breaking a world record and attracting the attention of the media. His parkour collie, Neo, stormed the internet and now his focus is on his youngest dog, the incredible Teetu, to continue the legacy. Stephen works with his wife, Clio. When the couple aren’t tending to their pack of 4 children and 4 dogs, they devote their time to helping fellow dog owners with their struggles. The pair have a rich experience of a diverse range of dog breeds and personalities and will consider any case.
We’re covered by: Steve Bailey member of the International Society of  Animal Professionals
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